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Cheap Phone Calls to Belgium from UK - 5p/ min all day.


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  • For 5p/m cheap calls to Belgium you just pay a monthly subscription of only £8.25
  • [£7.25 UK service + £1.00 for all cheap International calls]
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  • Cheap International Calls from UK - inc vat


Cheap calls to Australia

4.85p/min to Australia

Cheap calls to Belgium

4.85p/min to Belgium

Cheap calls to Canada

4.85p/min to Canada

Cheap calls to France

4.85p/min to France

Cheap calls to Germany

4.85p/min to Germany

Cheap calls to Italy

4.85p/min to Italy

Cheap calls to Netherlands

4.85p/min to Netherlands

Cheap calls to Spain

4.85p/min to Spain

Cheap calls to UK


Cheap calls to USA

4.85p/min to USA

Cheap calls to Ireland

FREE to Ireland


EUTalk mobile Flexi option - as low as 7.4p per minute all day.


Added Service
Monthly Fee
Call Minutes
Mobile 60
Mobile 120
Mobile 240
Mobile 480




Rates shown are expressed in pence per minute (incl.VAT) and are not applicable to calls made to non-geographic numbers (e.g. mobile, 08xx, non-mobile 07xx, premium rated numbers etc.) and calls to Jersey and Guernsey All calls with a call duration greater than 60 minutes incur a minimum call charge of 4.7p (incl. VAT) for the first minute and a standard rate of 2.5p per minute for all subsequent minutes. Peak hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri; Off-peak hours: 6pm-8am; Weekend hours: all day Saturday and Sunday. Acceptable usage policy: You must not use the service that either risks degradation of service levels to other customers, puts Euphony at risk, or for purposes that are not reasonably expected of a residential customer e.g. esales.

Please note: Unused minutes will not be carried over to the next month. All information is correct as of 23/07/05. Euphony pursues a policy of continuous improvement of its products and services. Details and rates in this brochure are incl. VAT and subject to change without notice.

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